Villages around Lac de Sainte-Croix

Lac de Sainte-Croix, the most beautiful lake in Provence, the third largest artificial lake in France, will enchant you with its turquoise color and the beauty of the different viewpoints it offers. The tour around the lake is done in about 1 hour by car, for about sixty kilometers. Take the time to stop in the main villages bordering Lac de Sainte-Croix to admire it from every angle…

villages-autour-du-lac-les-salles-sur-verdon-campingLes Salles-sur-Verdon

Long ago, Les Salles sur Verdon was a typical little village of Haut-Var which existed peacefully at the end of the valley. In 1973 the village was sacrificed for the production of electricity and disappeared under the waters of the lake of St. Croix.

The first stone of the new town was laid in May 1970 and the village was rebuilt at the edge of the new lake on 2,700ha. Because of this lake, Salles has become a summer resort and a tourist attraction. The town is a mixture of modern architecture and traditional Provençal styles. Before the original town was destroyed, many ot the objects of Provençal interest were saved. One can see the old fountain, both wash houses, the bell tower, the monument to the dead and some typical door frames.

With its incomparable location the village people are trying to develop their new life in a way that will be advantageous to all and well balanced at the same time. ln the summer the village can count up to 4000 inhabitants.

View of Les Salles-sur-Verdon with Sainte-Croix in the background
View of Les Salles-sur-Verdon with Sainte-Croix in the background

  To see, to visit : The bell tower, the lake, Costebelle island.
  Leisure activities : Hicking, mountainbike, sports course, nautical activities, the Provençal market on Thursday morning.

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Located at the gateway to the Verdon Gorge, above the superb Lac de Sainte Croix, Aiguines is a perfectly located little village nestling in the heart of a magnificent untouched natural environment offering spectacular views of the Verdon Canyon (from the D71 and D23) and also of the Lac de Sainte Croix.

At Aiguines you will find a wonderful privately-owned chateau, dating back to the Renaissance. It has been tastefully restored with its varnished roof tiles, and overlooks the lake majestically, offering a breath-taking view stretching to the Valensole plateau, the Alpine foothills and the Luberon mountain chain. If you like crafts and woodworking you should visit the wood turning museum (open in July and August) as well as the arts and crafts shops and workshops to be found in the village.

You can also take the opportunity to discover the old alleyways of the village, lined with beautiful old authentic houses, giving the village great charactere.

The Château d'Aiguines dates back to the Renaissance
The Château d’Aiguines dates back to the Renaissance
The orientation table at the Chapelle Saint Pierre, Aiguines
The orientation table at the Chapelle Saint Pierre, Aiguines
Aiguines offers tourists, hikers and sports lovers a wide range of activities to discover the beauty of the surrounding area and natural environment in every detail. Anything is possible here. If you want to take it easy, simply stretch out on the beaches of Sainte Croix lake. More active visitors are spoilt for choice, with climbing, white water sports, air sports available, as well as the simpler pleasures of pedal-boating or windsurfing!

Aiguines has become a regional climbing capital thanks to the many climbing tracks in the village. Whatever your level, you can climb in all seasons. In summer you can focus on tracks located north, cooled and ventilated by the Gorges, in winter the tracks of the western side are in full sun in the afternoon.

  To see, to visit : The Chapel Saint Pierre and table of orientation, the Château, Woodturners Museum
  Leisure activities : Hiking the “Grand Margès”, horseback riding, climbing, bungee jumping, the Provençal market on Tuesday morning

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  Tip : There is a walking route from the campsite to Aiguines, map available at reception.


Only 11 km from our campsite, at the gates of the Gorges du Verdon, Moustiers Sainte-Marie is the center of earthenware.

Having 14 workshops and 22 sales outlets of earthenware tiles, Moustiers is the leading area for this craft in France and has a world wide reputation.

There is a little lake here of 6 ha. which is very well equipped, Because of its port, its boat club and its activity house, Moustiers is one of the most attractive spots of the Emerald Valley.

One of the most beautiful villages in France

moustiers-sainte-marie-les-plus-beaux-villages-de-franceClassified as one of the most beautiful villages in France, Moustiers is one of the most attractive areas of the Verdon.

The site is exceptional and quite amazing. Moustiers is set in a semi circle of rocky cliff at 630m. altitude.

Two peaks at either end of this cliff are linked together by an iron chain (227m. long) on which is hooked the star of one of the knights of the Crusades.

Vue nocturne de Moustiers Sainte-Marie, avec les 2 rochers
Vue nocturne de Moustiers Sainte-Marie, avec les 2 rochers

At each season Moustiers offers wonderful walks either in the heart af the village (the architecture is surprising) or in the outskirts ( waterfall of Rion, Notre Dame de Beauvoir, the grotto of St. Madeleine.

Vue du haut de l’église médiévale et de l’étoile

Vue du haut de l’église médiévale et de l’étoile

Legend of the star

According to Frédéric Mistral, the star is an ex-voto dedicated to St. Mary. The knight Blacas decided to hang a star there as a homage to the Virgin on his return from the Crusades.

Other versions talk about love stories, the Three Kings or Chivalry… Although many versions exist about the origin of the star none have been verified to date. The mystery remains total on the origin and meaning of the star above Moustiers… The size of the star we see today dates from 1957. It is the eleventh to hang above the mountain road. In 1995 it was covered in gold leaf before returning to its vigil over the village. The size of the star, which originally had five points has changed over time from 1.80 to 30 cm. Today, the chain is 135 m long, weighs 150kg and the star covered in gold leaf measures 1.25 m.

  Tip : There is a hike up to the rock where the chain is attached.

  To see, to visit : The beautiful village itself, the porcelain museum, the medieval church and the Notre Dame de Beauvoir with the star.
  Leisure activities : Hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, climbing, gliding, paragliding, canyoning and the Provencal market on Friday mornings.

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Panoramic view of Bauduen and its bay
Panoramic view of Bauduen and its bay


Situated on the banks of the pure and calm waters of the lake of Sainte Croix, the village of Bauduen is one of the most remarkable sites of the Verdon.

The old village, typically Provençal, is terraced in the form of an arc facing out onto the lake. The old stone houses and the narrow streets will charm you as will the excursions available in the surrounding.

  To see, to visit : The medieval Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, a saracen tower and the ruins of a medieval castle. Provencal market every Sunday morning.

  Leisure activities : Swimming, pedal boating, sailing, canoeing, fishing, horse riding and hiking.

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  Tip : The Circuit of Bauduen – a 20 km hike from our campsite, map available at the Tourist Office
Le Circuit de Bauduen
The Circuit of Bauduen


Situated at the exit of the famous Verdon Canyons, this charming Provençal village is built high on a rocky promontory and at its foot lies Lake Ste. Croix.

14 km. long and 2 km. wide, Lake Ste. Croix is a wonderful spot for families with its well equipped beaches and the many activities offered.

The old village has some lovely houses and pretty public squares, shady and blooming with flowers.

From the top of the village there is a splendid panorama of the lake…don t forget your cameras !

Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon is without a doubt one ot the nicest places of the Verdon region, and is appreciated by many visitors. Its few permanent residents are very busy in the summer.

View of Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon and the beach from the lake
View of Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon and the beach from the lake

  To see, to visit : Museum Conservatory of Arts and Popular Traditions, parish church from the sixteenth century and the picturesque old village houses.
  Leisure activities : Recreation center adjacent to the lake, fishing, sailing school, yacht club, windsurfing, canoeing, pedal boat, hiking. horse riding.
Village Festivals: August 6 – Feast of St. Sauveur, September 14 – Feast of Sainte Croix. Provencal market on Tuesday morning.

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