Terms of Reservation


  1. All non-standart contract will be considered as cancelled.
  2. Bookings can be accepted for a minimum term of 7 days.
  3. Arrivals and departure are taking place on Saturday in june, July and August.
  4. Booking are non transferable, they specify the number of persons and the category of site.
  5. Alterations or cancellation non signaled at least one month in advance involve the systematic cancellation of the booking and the loss of the installment (Mail, fax, email).
  6. Lateness in arrivals, anticipated departures or temporary absence do not involve a cut.
  7. Payments of amounts due for the time of considered stays is to be done on the day of arrival.
  8. Booking only becomes definitive after the payment of the installment, you will receive confirmation at that time.
  9. In case of cancellation the total amount, of the deposit and the booking fee, of 60 € will not be refunded!
  10. A delay superior to 24 hours non signaled involves the cancellation of the booking without reimbursement of the deposit.
  11. Campers and caravanners must conform to the interior rule.
  12. At any time, and until the day of the occupation, the campsite reserves the right to change the pitchnumber by another equivalent.


Out of this opening hours, car drivers are praised to let their vehicules parked in front of the camp entry.

HOURS OF OPENING OF THE OFFICE : 9 h 00 to 12 and 14 h to 19 h 00 (July and August).

  • The office must be informed the day before the departure.
  • Departures must be done at the latest at 12 h.
  • Each settled camper receiving visitors is praised to make arrivals inscribe as the departures concerning his site.
  • For the well being of all, noise and speed are limited.


  • Barbecues and open fire (wood, coal….) are strictly forbidden except in the place done for this purpose.
  • Parked cars must not hold up the alley crossing. There is a parking done to this purposeat the entry of the camping if necessary.


  • Small-sized dogs and considered as non aggresive by the law are accepted. They must be kept on a lead and must not be let in the camp even locked during the absence of their masters who are liable for damages.The animal owner is obliged to clean the dirtiness, for the comfort of all. Vaccination book must be presented on the arrival.
  • The camping disposes of 3 sanitary installations.It is desirable to avoid going there while cleaning.
  • Washing is strictly forbidden out of the containers planned for this purpose.
  • It is forbidden to throw polluted water on the floor or in the gutters.
  • It is not allowed to delimit the site of an installation by personnal means, nor to dig the soil.


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