Covid-19 information

The ” Corona ” regulation concerning the campsite at the moment

Dear fellow campers,

The campsite has been open since 3 June according to the rules of the decree of 31 May 2020 and the protocol of the Federation of campsites. Of course, this regained freedom has certain restrictions. Thank you for reading the rules of procedure and the rules on corona (covid-19).

Your Registration :

When registering, please provide your address, e-mail address or a phone number to contact you if necessary.

General Regulations : Apply barrier gestures. The minimum distances (1 meter) must be respected everywhere.

Special provisions concerning sanitary installations :

  • Inside the washroom, your mask must be worn (when you are on the move).
  • Wash your hands on entering and leaving each area of the washroom.
  • 1 out of 2 washbasins must be used (reminder on mirrors keep your distance)
  • Shower cubicles or toilets can be used
  • Only the person who has registered with a disability is allowed to use the disabled toilets.

Code of conduct at the reception desk and throughout our premises :

  • Please wear a mask when entering the reception area. Staff instructions must be followed.
  • Meetings / gatherings are not allowed beyond a maximum of 10 people. Large gatherings are prohibited.
  • The use of the playground is only allowed for children accompanied by their parents and taking into account the rules of distance.
  • The barbecue: 4 fireplaces are freely accessible with your coal and grill. Make sure you are not more than necessary in this area.
  • Jeu de boule: distance rule and a maximum of 10 people per court.
  • Laundry open 1 person at a time.

Being responsible :

Please note and apply barrier gestures when talking to each other, so that we can all have a good time together.

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